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Limited evaluation canadair cl-215 amphibious airplane - dtic Limited evaluation canadair cl-215 amphibious airplane - dtic
A limited evaluation of the Canadair CL-215 amphibious airplane was conducted for the United States Forest . 'Partial power was used during water landing approach.

To prevent the tanks from becoming overly-filled, overflow ducts are present at the top of the tanks, which discharge excess water via the sides of the fuselage. Production of the CL-215 progressed through five series. Originally the follow-up CL-215T was to be a simple turboprop-powered development of the CL-215, and Canadair converted two aircraft in 1989 to act as development aircraft.

Retrofit kits for CL-215s to the new standard are offered, but Canadair elected not to build new CL-215Ts and instead developed the , Canada, offers CL-215 to CL-215T engine retrofits using the Bombardier kit and The first of 11 used aircraft purchased to be modified should be delivered in the first quarter of 2020. This design was shaped by a desire for it to be well-suited for performing a range of roles, including air-sea , cargo haulage and commercial passenger-carrying, beyond the water bomber mission. It was the largest passenger aircraft flying over the Atlantic Ocean at that time. In January 1957 Canadair received a contract for eight aircraft, later increased to 12. The Yukon could accommodate 134 passengers and a crew of nine.

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The resulting aircraft had lower speed and altitude, but had two bomb bays and greatly extended loiter times. Viking Aviation has announced plans to hire up to 150 employees to perform those conversions through its dedicated subsidiary, and in May 2018 applied for government support for restarting production of the type. Features an internal structure compatible with provisioning water bombing apparatus, which includes an pair of underfloor tanks, belly-mounted doors, and rotating scoops.

The flight controls at the joint were maintained by a system of push pads. Loftleiðir Icelandic Airlines merged with Four CL-44D4 aircraft stretched by Canadair on request of Icelandic Airlines , with a section, 10 ft 1 in (3. In 1987, the CL-215T was announced, with improvements in handling brought about by design changes to the wings and turboprop engines. At the top of the tanks are funnels that spill excess water collected during replenishment operations out of the side of the aircraft. When the British Ministry of Supply canceled the Orion program, the RCAF revised the specifications to substitute the was lengthened making it 12 ft 4 in (3.

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