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The corpora cavernosa of the clitoris measures up to 5 inches in length. Sildenafil was found to inhibit PDE type 5 cGMP-hydrolytic activity, in the crude extract . The periurethral glans is defined as the triangular area of mucous membrane .

The basal lubrication is usually not sufficient to allow painless penile penetration and thrusting so an enhancement of the lubrication is essential for coitus. The corpora cavernosa of the shaft do not extend into the glans. Surrounding the adventitia are three sets of powerful pelvic striated muscles (1, superficial- ischiocavernosus and bulbocavernosus; 2, the transverse perineii and 3, deep- the levator ani forming the pelvic diaphragm across the anterior of the pelvis of which the largest medial portion is classified as the pubococyggeus).

Although the erogenous function of this organ has been known since antiquity, remarkably, the detail of its highly vascular anatomical structure is still in dispute. The actual basal vaginal transudate that percolates through the vaginal epithelium from the plasma circulating in the capillary tufts supplying the epithelium is modified by the limited Na+ lumen-to-blood reabsorptive transport capacity of the vaginal epithelial cells. The bilateral vestibular bulbs unite ventral to the urethral orifice to form a thin strand of spongiosus erectile tissue connection (pars intermedia) that ends into the clitoris as the glans. During arousal to orgasm, the few records obtained show an increasing vaginal lumenal pressure [40]. It is filled with mesenchymal lamina, a fibro-elastic sheet made up of collagen, elastic and muscular fibres with a rich blood supply and a nerve supply with Krause bodies or pseudo-corpuscular nerve endings.

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Corpora cavernosa: Two chambers that run the length of the penis and are filled with spongy tissue. Blood flows in and fills the open spaces in this spongy tissue  . define corpora cavernosa female viagra Corpora cavernosa - simple english wikipedia the free encyclopediaCorpora cavernosa are regions of biological tissue that are erectile (become hardened when they fill with blood). They are found in both men and women.

The labia minora are smaller folds covered by non-bearing skin laterally and by vaginal mucosa medially, that fuses anteriorly to forms the prepuce of the clitoris, and posteriorly in the fossa navicularis. The periurethral glans is defined as the triangular area of mucous membrane surrounding the urethral meatus from the clitoral glans to the vaginal upper rim or caruncle. Current dissections of adult female human cadavers have been interpreted to indicate that the organ is a triplanar complex of erectile tissue with a midline shaft lying in the medial sagittal plane about 2-4 cm long and 1-2 cm wide which bifurcates internally into paired curved crura 5-9 cm long (attached to the under surface of the pubic symphisis) and externally is capped with a glans about 20 -30mm long with a similar diameter.

The upper vagina is supplied by vaginal branches of the uterine artery. Their working hypothesis, based on the early mechanisms suggested for penile erection, was that during sexual excitement smooth muscle polsters (“cushions”) in the arteries supplying the two vestibular bodies became relaxed. A branch of the hypogastric artery, the vaginal artery (also know as the inferior vaginal artery), supplies the middle vagina. The body of the clitoris consists of two paired erectile chambers composed of endothelial-lined lacunar spaces, trabecular smooth muscle and trabecular connective tissue (collagen and elastin) surrounded by a fibrous sheath, the tunica albuginea. On stimulation this space becomes vasocongested and creates an erotic pleasurable response.

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